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Herrne is India's first chemical free grooming and health brand for pets. Great Shampoos, Treats and more for your pup

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The Ultimate Dog Shampoo (TUDS)

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Our claims are science and fact based.

Herrne's chemical free dog shampoos have been used by 5000+ pet owners. 89% of them when surveyed are satisifed with the results. 70% of our customers are repeat buyers. We are India's first science backed, trusted -health & grooming brand for pets.
Our range of shampoos are chemical free. The treats are natural.

In a world where few really seem to care, here's a chance for you to be the hero your dog deserves

No more dry skin

I was using Himalaya shampoo, and trust me, it just used to make Waffle's skin dry. I tried Herrne's chemical free range and have not looked back. You have earned a fan

Sheetal, South City- 2, Gurgaon

Great treats

My dog has stopped doing tricks till we don't give him Treatoos treats. He loves these treats. We've bought him loads of treats, but he seems to have developed a real liking for this one.

Sanjay Kaushal, Phase 3, New Shimla

Value for money

Herrne has safe products, and a lovely range. Both my dogs are happy. What else would I need. And its value for money. + 1 from my side.

Kshitij Sharma, Essel Court, Gurgaon

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