Which shampoo is best for pets?

Shampoo shopping for pets in India is an interesting exercise.

It is always fun until you stumble upon more options.

Likewise, with the constant growth of options within the pet healthcare and grooming space - you are literally left with N number of options.

Luckily, at Herrne.com, our team does the tough job of combing through these options to suggest you the best dog shampoo for your dog

Let’s get started and understand how to choose what's best for your pooch's skin and fur.


Key things to look out for

Here are some of the buzz, errmm.. keywords 😉 while you're looking for the best grooming products for your pooch. 

Notable ones to look out for are

  • Chemical free and use of more natural ingredients
  • A close check of ingredients in the product
  • Reliable price
  • Review section


Why choose Natural ingredients over Chemical ones?

At Herrne.com, our answer is simple. We wouldn't recommend something that we won't use with our own dogs (Yes, the founding team has three cuties).

You wouldn't want your dogs to develop any skin conditions because of the use of chemical, parabens filled dog shampoos.

Natural dog shampoos are chemical free and are safe to use on your dogs. They have natural ingredients like Aloe vera, coconut, tea tree oil, rosemary,  eucalyptus etc., to gently cleanse and therefore resulting in fresh, smooth skin & fur coat.

We take this pledge of not using extremely harmful chemicals seriously. Our products at Herrne.com are parabens and SLS free.


Why check the ingredients of pet shampoo?

It is important to check for the ingredients present in your dog (or pet) shampoo. This is important to be stressed upon in order to avoid triggering any allergies in your dog.

Believe me, allergies in dogs are more common than you think.

It also helps to know the ingredients you are using since it is you who gives your dog a relaxing bath. The dog can't speak, remember?

When I say natural products, beware of products that just label them as Natural but the ingredients used are chemicals. 

Pragmatically, one will need some kind of basic chemicals for froth creation in any dog shampoo. And that's perfectly fine. However, what you need to avoid is the use of other harmful chemicals like parabens and SLS.


Getting on to price. Does it really matter?

Well, you invest in hundreds of human skin and hair care products over your lifetime, don't you?

Your pet deserves a similar, yet consistent experience. 

Why the need for consistency? 

This is because your pet cannot adjust for different products over his lifetime. What suits him or her, needs to be continued. 

That said, what role does price pay here?

We'd say minimal. As long as the quality of the product is good and makes your dog happy and skin healthy, the price really will not matter in the long term. 

Taking care of your pooch with medical derma, skin conditions is much costlier than investing in the right skin care product at the beginning.

By the way, at Herrne.com we run a number of limited time sales like this one.


And lastly, the reviews. Do they help?

Of course, always check reviews of the products before you decide to buy.

But are they always true?

We've all started trusting reviews a lot. But the brands have realised this too. Many of them have started hacking around the system. 

Therefore, what's important is for you to do your own research. Don't blindly trust reviews. A lot of them are manipulated. Depend on your own research.

At Herrne.com, we impartially educate our customers (read fans :) ) through in-depth content. A good way is to buy a trial bottle of shampoo and see for yourself. 

Believe us, once you get to a trial, and if you love the product, you'll never - never ever - look for an alternative. 

That's it for now folks !

You've not got a good hang of how to choose the best shampoo for your pets. Go ahead, try one at Herrne.com. We're sure you'll love us.


Why choose Herrne?

At Herrne, we want your dogs to experience good quality products.

  • All our Herrne products majorly contain natural products - Paraben-free and SLS-free and super nice to our dog’s skin.
  • All our products have Aloe vera and coconut as base ingredients. They have natural properties to gently cleanse and keep your dog skin fresh and hydrated.

 We understand your dogs have different needs and we love to fulfil their needs.

  • If your dog is itchy because of Ticks & Fleas, we have Anti-Tick & Flea Dog shampoo.
  • If she needs a remedy for sensitive skin, we have sensitive and dry skin Dog shampoo for her.
  • If she wants to smell all fresh after the bath, we have Anti-Odour dog shampoo to help her with.

We have got it all covered for her with a different range of products for different necessities.

  • Our magic formulation in products is intended to relieve your pet from her particular condition without affecting her natural skin and fur coat.
  • Each ingredient used for particular dog shampoo is carefully selected and crafted into the products to make the best use of them.
  • 5000+ other customers vouch for our products for the change they have observed after using Herrne's range of dog shampoos.



Team Herrne

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