About Us

Hi - We're the founders of Herrne

We have backgrounds across marketing, banking, ecommerce - but what binds us together really is our love for our dogs.

In our day jobs, we helped a number of brands and companies get healthier balance sheets, and be met by our dogs everyday in the evening without fail.

We couldn't help but realize that our dogs deserved our help as much as anyone, and so Herrne was born. 

We are committed to make a difference
At HERRNE, we really really love dogs (our and yours too).

So, we give back by partnering with local animal shelters, YouTube influencers promoting dog safety as a cause and much more.

Your contribution is going to help bring a sustainable and positive change in the lives of dogs who don't have pet parents like you.

Every Dog has its day

And HERRNE wants to make those days better
And How do we do it? By our Science Backed Values:


Science Based and Value Driven

There are thousands of pet products out there. How do you select the best for your pet? Its simple. Trust the one which is backed by science.

HERRNE has had over two years of experiments in manufacturing and skin science for dogs - only after which the first product came into existence ( a shampoo for sensitive skin dogs).

All our products are meant to provide a superior health and happiness experience to our dogs (and their pet parents).

Top Quality in India

A recent (May 2021) Euromonitor report suggests that India has a requirement for top quality dog health and grooming brands - however, it still needs to import a bulk of it.

Reason? Low quality, no science, mass produced products. We're here to challenge it - and in a good way - by developing high quality products in the health and grooming space for dogs.

Unique Pet, Unique Needs

Not every pet is the same. We realized this early, and our range of products caters to unique demands. For ex. we have a shampoo for sensitive skin dogs. We also have one to stop itching. Whatever is your pet's need, we have a product for that.

With you, across years

Herrne carries innovation as a basic DNA. While you are taking care of your pet through its life journey, we are here to innovate on existing as well as new product lines. 

Gone are the days of consuming obsolete health solutions for your pet. 


Loved By Pets, Endorsed by Vets

HERRNE has evolved with the times. So many products are outdated these days and HERRNE has a great, fresh and scientific approach to the pet health world.”

-Dr. Rakesh Ahuja, Sr. Consultant, Vet4U


Reach us at:

Email: astrapiaenterprise@gmail.com

Phone : +91-9873198489 

Store Address: Gurgaon, India

Operating Hours : Mon-Sat 9AM - 6PM