Dogs of Wash Skin Brightening Dog Shampoo - 500 ML

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MAGIC FORMULA - Keep your dog clean, conditioned, tangle-free, germ-free and smelling divine. All packaged up in a safe & organic shampoo specially formulated for your dog's coat and skin. Because dogs deserve the best in this world!

NATURAL GLOW & SHINE - The fresh, invigorating scents of Lime & Lemon are perfect for all dogs who love to smell clean and feel fresh after a wash. It also helps to clean & provide natural shine to fur/coat making it look more lustrous & shiny

EASY ON SKIN, COAT, NOSE - Our traditional coconut-based formula uses essential oils and natural extracts to create a light lather and easy rinse shampoo that doesn’t irritate your animal's nose, while deeply conditioning your dog’s skin and coat. Our shampoos are ph balanced to suit your dog's skin.

EFFECTIVELY WASHES DIRT & IMPURITIES- relax and stop worrying about your dog getting dirty, muddy & unclean. Make your dog's coat neat & clean to snuggle & smooch with the awesome natural power of Lime & Lemon Oils which soothe skin & coat with Aloe Vera Extract. 100% free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates & artificial fragrances that can cause allergies and even cancer.

HAPPINESS GUARANTEE - recommended by multiple groomers and proud pet owners, we guarantee happiness to you and your pet. In case of any challenges faced, reach out to us and we will make the experience great for you!