TREATOOS Yak Milk Dog Chews 200 GM

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Health Benefits – Protein-rich, 100% Natural, delicious dog treats, made with Goodness of Yak milk, cow milk & lime. Basically, a type of Cheese, made using only 4 ingredients, Yak Milk munchies becomes your pawfect partner to reward your furry friend for good behavior. A good treat for your wagging tails

Tasty – Milk coagulated with salt & lime, gives a unique cheesy flavor to these Yak milk munchy treats which are loved by all doggos. Crafted by pet parents, for their precious friends, these treats have been perfected over time basis the taste, likeability & overall sensory of our furry friends

Extra Durable – Seriously tough & scrumptiously chewy, Yak milk Munchy is hardened to increase the chew time (long-lasting) & challenge your pet to consume it slow & in smaller bites to avoid swallowing. Also, these treats help fight tartar & plaque which is good for your pet’s dental hygiene. Suitable for Dogs of All Breeds & Sizes

Process – Handcrafted in the Himalayas, sourcing only the best quality of milk in its unadulterated form, & then coagulated using lime & salt, compressed into blocks & then air/baked dried to form cheese giving a unique flavor. Made in India

Natural – Made only using 4 ingredients sourced from nature, these treats are 100% Natural (Fit for human-grade consumption) & vegetarian. Protein & calcium in milk helps with muscle growth & dental/bone health. Grain-free & Gluten-free with No added preservatives.