Home is where my dog is - Tshirt

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"Home is where my dog is"

This Herrne gear is for our pet-parents. 
You have an awesome companion - your dog. It's time to tell the world that.
Buy this awesome half sleeve cotton Tshirt in a size of your choice  - to demonstrate your love for your dog. 

Story behind this design:

We are pet parents too. And we know, coming back home, our dog is waiting for us. This is a constant, whatever day of the week it is. Regardless of the time, our dog is always waiting for us.
So, while people think that home is where the wifi is, but we are very sure that "home is where my dog is"
OK, now when we know the story behind the design, here is what the Tshirt is made of:
The Herrne Tshirt is:

2X softer than the softest cotton

Proprietary composition of extra long and finest cotton makes the Men’s T-shirt twice as soft as regular cotton T-shirts. Also adding to the sheen giving that extra bump of colour.


Simple and Savage

This Herrne T shirt is the world’s finest cotton T-shirt for men is as simple as it gets. Your dog will love you, and so will the girls :)

Longevity & Versatility

Never worry about Colour fastening. This is white Tshirt. This is as good as it gets