TREATOOS Yak Milk Chew 200G & Spiral Munchy Chews 300G - Cheese and Chicken Flavor

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Yak Milk Chews:

Health Benefits – Protein-rich, 100% Natural, delicious dog treats, made with Goodness of Yak milk, cow milk & lime. Basically, a type of Cheese, made using only 4 ingredients, Yak Milk munchies becomes your pawfect partner to reward your furry friend for good behavior. A good treat for your wagging tails

TASTY - Milk coagulated with salt & lime, gives a unique cheesy flavor to these Yak milk munchy treats which are loved by all doggos.

Natural – Made only using 4 ingredients sourced from nature, these treats are 100% Natural (Fit for human-grade consumption) & vegetarian. Protein & calcium in milk helps with muscle growth & dental/bone health. Grain-free & Gluten-free with No added preservatives.

Spiral Munchy:

Health benefits - Protein-rich delicious dog treats, made with Goodness of 100% Rawhide. Basically, crafted from rawhide naturally sourced from animals, & made using only the best quality ingredients, good for your pet’s teeth & gums.

TASTY - Tasty & crunchy treats are coated with a soft, chewy spiral which helps strengthen and clean teeth. Keeps your pet(s) engaged for long periods. Suitable for Dogs of All Breeds & Sizes. Made in India.

Crunchy - After splitting the rawhide, it undergoes pattern cutting & made into rolls which are then put into a room for Air drying, and then further baked in an oven to provide the crunchy texture which is loved by dogs as it challenges them to chew harder.

Flavor - Made with Chicken flavor, the rawhide is soaked and dripped in chicken flavor which is loved by dogs.


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